New Projects! SQUEEEE!!

New projects always excite me! I have three on my plate right now..two have no deadline. One is a commissioned book for a friend's elevation. He was given a writ so he is aware of the impending honor.  I am currently doing research on that project. Im contemplating embroidering a scene on one half of the cover, in a similar manner as the alms purses were done (pictured below is an example that is housed at the Met in NYC). More on that when I have a more concrete design.

My other projects are a blackwork set of cuffs and collar for a friend, per her request. Ive started one here. I am going over four spaces because over two on the fabric she provided would make me blind. Im fast approaching that with age so I dont want to hurry it along. ;)

I am using Splendor twisted black silk, one strand, over four as I said. I like how it is coming out.

My other project is a norm...a pair of socks. This is great for me to have at work for when its slow or if I have a particularly chatty client, which is quite often when you work in the antiques market.

This yarn is a 75/25 Superwash merino wool/nylon blend, fingering weight.   I figured with Christmas coming, a few handmade presents for family and close friends is in order...and I do so love to knit.

Well, back to work! 


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