Yep, Another Book.

So, after a marathon 12 hour run of awesome movies snuggled up with my guy on the sofa, I finished all the embroidery on another book cover.  This cover is a commission book for a friend being elevated to the Order of the Laurel in Aethelmearc.   I am very happy with the cover as I think it is my best work yet.

My inspiration for this cover came from the Queen Katherine Parr's copy of Vellutello's of Petrarch's works, which is housed in the British Library (1544).  Though the recipient of this book has a much earlier persona, the aspects of this cover fit more appropriately for the books intended use, which is his vigil book.  Below is the original image of Katherine Parr's copy.

The materials I used for this project are as follows:

Red Silk Dupioni
Splendor silk thread
Japan gold blending filament

 I incorporated his device into the front cover in place of Queen Katherine's arms. On the back cover, I put the es carbuncle of Aethelmearc and a flying bee as another knod to the recipient.  The recipient asked that the phrase "Follow Your Bliss" be on the cover so I added it in the ribbon.  When embroidering the coronet (as he is a Court Baron), I added gold blending filament to the silk thread to add a little shine. I am very pleased with how it came out.

Getting ready to draw out the design

A close up of the pieces for tracing

Tracing the images onto the embroidery transfer medium

All traced

Adding the Sulky to the fabric and framing it up for embroidery

Image with the silks I used

Completed Embroidery

I had a lot of fun doing this project and I am so very thrilled with how it turned out.  I am making the book for it now. I will be using the same binding technique that I used in creating the book for the last embroidered book I created. (pic images here of the book construction I used then and will use now). Book construction images
I will be using a commercial brand of parchment paper for this book as it look more historical than the white linen paper I have used in the past. I found it when making the last book I created and it looks fabulous and fits this bookmakers tight budget. :D

When the book is all together I will upload more pictures and post.


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